Sizzle Boldly in 2024

Welcome to the New Year!

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Hey Fab-U-Sis!

Welcome to a new year and an opportunity to set off your sizzle!

Can you believe 2023 is complete? 2024 is going to be THE year.

In this newsletter, We're uncovering the secrets of the sizzle in all aspects of our lives - body, mind, and soul.

Expect some vibrant strategies for an unforgettable year, plus tips to maintain that zest amidst life's ups and downs.

I'm Demi Austin Thomas, your guide and confidante on this exhilarating path. I am a Family Dynamics Coach, a former TV correspondent, and a passionate speaker.

My life's mission? To navigate you through the beautiful yet complex world of modern relationships. Are you ready to redefine, reconnect, and reignite the spark in your life? I wasn’t ready either, but let’s go!

Defining the Sizzle

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2024, Hunni! As we shake off the glitter of New Years, it's time to sizzle boldly into this year. You all know the drill. Check out what sizzle boldly means:

To sizzle boldly is to live with passion, intention, and a dash of daring. It's about stepping out of the comfort zone and saying, “Hey world, I'm here and fabulous!” Whether rocking a new style, speaking your mind or pursuing that dream, it’s all about shining bright. Sizzling is not just about what we do; it’s how we feel – vibrant, empowered, and unapologetically ourselves.

And we ain’t concerned with sizzling perfectly!

So, let’s embrace our inner fire and turn up the heat in 2024! And I have just the tips you need!

5 Ways to Sizzle Boldly in 2024

  1. Embrace Your Fabulous Self: Girl, it’s all about loving you! Indulge in self-care rituals that make you feel like a queen, affirm your greatness, and take some ‘me-time’ to reflect on your fabulous journey.

  2. Spice Up That Love Life: Get that spark flying with your boo! Schedule some juicy date nights, have heart-to-hearts, and maybe try salsa dancing together. Do you have some pineapple-flavored massage oil - cause I do! Keep that flame burning bright in your relationship, darling!

  3. Work It Like a Boss: Hunni, make that job sizzle with your passion! Seek out projects that light you up, network with your work family, and strut your stuff in the office. Show them what a fierce, goal-getting woman looks like!

  4. Glow with Health and Wellness: Your body is your temple, boo. Nourish it with yummy, healthy foods, and get moving in a way that feels like fun – dance, yoga, or maybe a little boxing? Treat your body right, and it’ll sizzle along with you!

  5. Listen, Get Those Coins: Financial fierceness, here we come! Set financial goals, educate yourself on money matters, and make choices that align with your future self. Remember, a financially savvy woman is an unstoppable force!

Keep the Sizzle Without the Fizzle

Life is a rollercoaster. To keep our sizzle from fizzling, we need resilience and tools to navigate the highs and lows.

Listen hunni, keeping that sizzle alive isn't always easy, even for a firecracker like me. There were days in 2023, just like yesterday, when self-doubt crept in, trying to snuff out my sparkle. It can be a real party pooper, right? But here's the real tea: sometimes, all you need is a listening ear – someone who really hears you – and just the right words to reignite that vision of yours. Trust me, it's a game-changer!

Firstly, embrace flexibility – plans change, and that’s okay! Stay connected with your support system; whether it's friends, family, or an online community, having people who ‘get you’ is priceless. Also, remember to take breaks – self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. And finally, keep your sense of humor – laughter is a fantastic sizzle sustainer!

Support for Your Sizzling Journey 

You’re not sizzling alone, boo! There are countless resources out there. Find what resonates with you, from books and podcasts to online forums and local meetups. And hey, I’m always here, ready to share a laugh, a tear, or a word of encouragement.

Keeping our eyes and hearts open for those little signs and affirmations that our visions are on track is crucial. These signs are everywhere – in the words of a friend, a sudden opportunity, or even in a moment of quiet reflection. They're the universe's way of giving you a high-five, saying, “You're on the right path, Hunni!”

Now, let’s talk specifics. Being vague about what we want is like trying to hit a bullseye blindfolded. Not fun, right? So, let's get crystal clear about our desires for 2024. Picture them, feel them, and write them down – the more specific, the better. This clarity will be your guiding star, leading you through the year with purpose and passion. And I just have the thing to help you do this.

Check out the Sizzle Boldly 2024 Worksheet. I designed this quick worksheet to help you visualize your bold steps and actions for 2024.

Alright, boo, let's wrap this up with a fiery bow! This exercise? It's more than just a worksheet, it's a journey to rediscover your inner fire, your unique sizzle. Now, I know we're not always riding high on that motivation wave – some days are tough, I get it. But remember, time isn't waiting for any of us. We've got to seize our moments, honey!

If your sizzle's been playing hide and seek, it's time to turn on that searchlight and find it. Cast your mind back to those carefree childhood days when you chased what you wanted with heart and soul. That energy? It's still in you, girl! Tap into it. Feel it pulse through you.

And if you're struggling to feel that vibe, here’s a little trick – play that one jam, you know the one that takes you back and fills you with those good ol' vibes. Sit with it, let it wash over you, and let those emotions bubble up. It’s time to reconnect with what sets your soul ablaze. Remember, you’re not just going through the motions; you're rekindling your spark, reigniting your passion, and setting your world ablaze. Let's do this, sis! 🔥✨

Hearts and Sparks,


Share Your Sizzle!

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