Redefining Truth in Chaos

Happy Friday - no, it’s not Thursday!

In our quest for success, we often encounter both comfortable and uncomfortable truths. This week, let's embark on a journey of Redefining Truth. Truth, in personal and professional growth, is not about absolutes but perspectives that resonate with our core values and visions.

But before we go there, let me re-introduce myself to those who might be new here. I'm Demi Austin Thomas, your guide and confidante on this exhilarating path. I am a Family Dynamics Coach, a former TV correspondent, and a passionate speaker.

My life's mission? To navigate you through the beautiful yet complex world of modern relationships. Are you ready to redefine, reconnect, and reignite the spark in your life? I wasn’t ready either, but let’s go!

Redefining Your Truth

A couple of weeks ago, Kat Williams showed up at club Shay Shay and chose the violence of truth and nothing but the truth. And we ate it up to the tune of 58+million views!

Now, the comedienne Monique has come along with her megaphone:

Honey - the truth will set you free, and she is free INDEED.

However, hunni bun, some of us are not.

The truth has us bound, stagnant, tired, sick, and tired some more. But I have news for you: I may not choose violence today as Katt Williams did, but I am choosing a little chaos because:

There is truth in Chaos

The Power of Authenticity 

In a world where facades can be tempting, authenticity sets you apart. It’s the essence of your brand, mission, and message to the world.

Your truth is your compass. It's about embracing authenticity, aligning your actions with your beliefs, and the courage to stand by them, even when challenged.

Wow. That sounds sterile and clinical.

Let me run that back: we are Olympic sprinters regarding the truth. We are running from it every chance we get. We wake up every morning after a sleepless night to follow our true north (the truth) and end up somewhere down South because the truth is just too hard. Ain’t that right hunni bun?

I know it is for me.

In fact, this newsletter is truthfully hard. It’s supposed to come out on Thursdays, but guess what? I struggle with the content. I struggle with posting. I struggle with whether or not I should tell MY truth about how hard this thing is.

And with everything going on, this week’s post got lost and never was posted.


So, how do we set a course for our journey of truth, in the midst of chaos?

I don’t know, and I am not an expert. But here are a few steps to get you started.

Action Steps:

  1. Reflect on what truth means to you and how it shapes your journey. How? You know when the truth is banging you upside the head. It’s when you argue with yourself about something because you know the difference between what’s right and the wrong thing to do.

  2. Share your story of authenticity with our community. I’m not saying tell your business, but sometimes, sharing our “truth” struggles can help someone else.

  3. Inspire each other to live and work our truths: encourage someone else to speak up, speak out, and speak now! The longer we sit on the truth, the more difficult the journey to it becomes.

Let's redefine our paths with the unwavering power of truth at our core.

Embracing the Chaos

Hunni, let me tell you, the truth can sometimes throw a wrench in our perfectly planned lives, making us face what we've been dodging. But listen, this isn't about tearing things down.

It's about sparking growth, pushing us to look at our paths anew and own our truth.

Navigating this mess means tearing down walls – fear, sticking to the old ways, or just plain old sitting tight.

Diving into this chaos?

It's not just about finding our way; it's about actively sculpting our destiny, rooted in what matters most to us. So, let's get cozy with this chaos of truth. In this wild mix-up, we discover our rawest selves and the drive to push forward, fueled by a redefined purpose and fiery passion.

With Chaotic Sparks but Truthful Hearts,


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